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Verizon Promo Codes & Discounts

Verizon coupons & coupon codes

Verizon Promotion Codes and Verizon Coupons for Feb 25, 2017

I'm pretty sure everyone in the US knows what Verizon is, so we aren't going to spend time describing what they do. However, I bet most people, maybe not you, since you are here looking for a Verizon promo code, know that Verizon, does in fact, offer promo codes and online coupons. When shopping for a new smartphone or cell phone, you can use a Verizon coupon code to save on accessories, get free shipping or get a percentage off your phone. Find the Verizon promotion code listed below to help you save while shopping at

Verizon Promo Codes And Deals

30% off Samsung Galaxy SIII
30% off Samsung Galaxy SIII

Get 30% off the Samsung Galaxy S III and get free shipping with a new 2 year activation.

Promo Code: Verizon30
$50 off Select Smartphones
$50 off Select Smartphones

Get $50 off select smartphones. Includes Droid Razr, Nokia Lumia 822, Lucid by LG, Pantech Marauder, Samsung ATIV Odyseey, Verizon Jetpack 4gLTE Mobile Hotspot, Droid 4 by Motoroloa, Droid Incredible 4G by HTC, LG Extravert, Samsung Brightside and Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB.

Promo Code: VZWDEAL
Current Deals
Current Deals

Check out the current deals and discounts on phones and smartphones.

Free Phones
Free Phones

Choose from a wide selection of free and discounted cell phones.

30% off Accessories
30% off Accessories

Save up to 30% on accessories with this Verizon promo code.

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

Get free shipping when you order your phone and service plan at

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All About Verizon Coupon Codes

1/18/2013 - The Verizon marketing team has asked us to remove many of the promo codes and offers that we had listed, so unfotunately we had to do so. However, you can still use the deals coupon and free phones coupon above to get great deals on top of the line smartphones and cell phones at Verizon Wireless.


Perhaps the most popular coupon that we had to remove was the Free Overnight Shipping coupon. This offer is no longer valid at this time. They tend to bring this promotion back every once in a while, so check back again soon to see if this is avilable.


12/13/2012 - For a limited time you can get a free iPhone 4 8GB phone and get free shipping. You have to sign a new 2 year agreement with Verizon, but it could be worth it. I have the iPhone 4 and it is a great phone. It may not have Siri like the newer versions, but really, how much do people use that? You still get the same great cell phone service, apps and intuitive operating system that Apple is so famous for. And you definitely can't beat the price, I mean it's a free iphone from Verizon!


8/9/2012 - You can find a number of plans at Verizon that will fit your budget. First you have to decide if you want a prepaid plan or a postpaid cell phone plan. A prepaid plan means that you have no annual contract and that you pick from monthly, daily, minute or data plans. A post paid plan means that you have a contract with Verizon Wireless that locks you in, typically for 2 years.


Lets take a look at their prepaid plans.


  • Prepaid $50 Unlimited Plan - you get talk, text and web on any of their basic devices. It is a 30 day plan. You cannot get the newest smartphones with this plan.
  • Pay As You Go Plan - this is the plan where you get a basic phone and add money to your account as you need it.
  • Prepaid Jetpack - this is their prepaid internet device and allows you to provide internet access to up to 5 devices.
  • Prepaid Tablets - use your tablet whereever you want with this plan, just prepay your use. Plans start at $20.
  • Prepaid $80 Plan - this is their newest prepaid plan. It allows for unlimited talk, text and 1 GB total of data on a smartphone. This is the same as the $50 unlimited plan in style, but you get a new smartphone and data.

Verizon also has traditional post paid plans. They recently announced the share everything plans. How it works; first you select the devices you want. Then you choose the amount of data to share. For example you could choose 2 smarphones at $40 per month each, add a basic phone at $30 per month and split 4GB of data between the 3 phones with unlimited talk and text. This means you would get 3 phones with 4GB of data and unlimited talk and text for just $180 per month. A pretty good deal if you ask us!

The benefits of choosing a post paid cell phone plan is that Verizon will subsidize your smartphone if they know you will be staying with them for 2 years. Using the example above, if Verizon knows you will be spending $180 per month with them for the next 2 years, they will greatly discount your phone. It's why when you join a new cell phone company you can typically get a very high quality phone for free or get huge discounts on the retail prices of popular phones such as the iPhone 5 (coming soon!), iPhone 4s, Droids, and HTC smartphones.



5/12/2011 - Did you come to this page from a Google search searching for Verizon Promo Code or Verizon coupon? Were you looking for a discount on cable or TV instead of a discount code for cell phone services? Don't worry, that happens! You can check out our Broadband coupons for Verizon and be quickly on your way to saving money. If you did end up on this page looking for Verizon Wireless coupons, then you are in the right place.


3/1/2010 - Did you end up on this page and not find the Verizon promo code that you are looking for? Would you like some other options, maybe even a different cell phone company? Verizon is a great company with fabulous service accross the country, but maybe it isn't for everyone. Its likely that since you are on this page you are a Verizon fan, but just in case, we wanted to let you know about your other options. You can use to save at other cell phone companies and service. Check out our AT&T coupons, Straight Talk coupons and Cricket coupons for other options.



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