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JibJab is the site to go to when you want to send hilarious eCards. You can get photos of your friends or family imposed into animated cards and scenes that are beyond hilarious. Use the Jib Jab promo codes listed below for online savings at JibJab.com. Store located at:

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2/16/2012 I never realized how popular JibJab was for Valentines Day until this week. WOW, people really love their JibJab promotion codes. GoPromoCodes.com had over 1500 people looking for our Jib Jab coupons during the 4 days prior to Valentines Day. It was insane. There really isn't much not to love about JibJab though. Their electronic greeting cards are hilarious. They are great for Valentines Day, obviously, but also make great cards for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Fathers Day and pretty much any other occasion

2/16/2012 If you watch the NBA you will have noticed that the NBA is promoting the playoffs through commercials that look exactly like JibJab greeting cards. They have the heads of all of the stars of the playoffs and the NBA performing in a band, singing and dancing around a stage. I hope the NBA found one of our coupons for JibJab.com and was able to save!

6/10/2012 For those of you interested in JibJab, you can join now for just $1 per month. All you have to do is go to JibJab.com and hit the Join JibJab tab in the top right hand corner of the website. You can sign up with Facebook or create a JibJab specific account. Once you set up your account, its just $1 per month to get access to over 1500 different animated eCards. If you use a discount code it will come out to even less than $1 per month.

10/15/2012 You can now choose froma great selection of Halloween eCards at JibJab.com. Jib Jab has 72 different spooky/funny electronic cards that you can superimpose your face on. Of those 72 only 1 of them is free, the Skeleton Dance. In order to star in your own cards you need to get a subscription to JibJab. Our personal favorite is the Zombie Party video where you can cast yourself and your friends in a horrifying hilarious zombie eCard.

10/15/2012 JibJab has some great holiday eCards and Hannukah eCards available right now. You should definitely become a JibJab premium member using one of our promo codes above to be able to send unlimited eCards for just $1 per month. You will get charged $12 annually, unless you use a coupon code from above where you can save at least 10% on your annual subscription.

12/11/2012 I was just looking through the analytics of this page and it seems like we are getting a bit of Spanish speeking traffic to this page. We had some users looking for codigos promocional jibjab and jibjab codigos descuentos. Unfortunately I don't speak Espanol too well, but these codes should work the same whether you speak Spanish, English, German, Dutch or any other language. I'll try to find someone who is fluent in Spanish to help me write something for our Spanish speaking visitors.

12/17/2012 If you are looking for a last minute gift but don't have much of a budget left, then we highly suggest doing a creative JibJab eCard. You can get a year subscription for under $12 and can make unlimited hilarious cards that you can send to your friends and family. You can even do this after most stores no longer ship for Christmas, since you can deliver these cards via email at the very last minute.

12/17/2012 I wanted to apologize for the number of bad coupon codes that had been added to the site over the past few weeks. While I was away on vacation it appears people decided to upload bad coupons to the site. I have since deleted these and have left only the codes that I know work. Remember that Valentines Day is sneaking up on us, it is in under a month, and that Jib Jab makes a hilarious gift for the right person. If you are trying to impress a new girlfriend, then JibJab might not be the way to go...

3/11/2013 If you are a huge JibJab fan like we are, then you might want to sign up for JibJab birthday alerts. You can connect your Facebook account to JibJab.com and then it will alert you when it is your friends' birthdays. That way you can immediately go to JibJab and creat a funny, cute or flirtatious eCard that you can send to your friends. You can choose from any of the free cards or use one of our JibJab discount codes from above to save on your order and have more options.

3/11/2013 JibJab now has a member exclusive animated card in the form of Gagnam style. Some of their cards are free, but in order to be the star of Gagnam Style, you have to sign up for an account. I definitely think it is worth the $12 to join JibJab for a year and to see your face on Psy's body and see yourself doing those silly dance moves.

7/18/2013 Just wanted to bring to attention the JibJab Blog. Check it out here JibJabbin’: The JibJab Blog with the Inside Scoop on Funny