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As we come across sales and featured products from some of our favorite stores, or any other pertinent information that will help you make smarter decisions while shopping, we will add them as a blog! You can find all of them wihin the individual store pages at the bottom, below the current coupons. And then we aggregate them all here for you to enjoy and start your shopping journey.

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  • 2/22/2020 - Palmetto State Armory - Written by: Tyler
  • Does Palmetto State Armory have free shipping?
    Occasionally Palmetto State Armory does offer free shipping, but most of the time they do not have free shipping. Some of their daily deals are offered with free shipping, but because of some strict rules and regulations around shipping ammunition and firearms parts, it is a bit more costly.
    You can expect your order to ship within 5 business days. However upper receivers may take up to 15 business days. Serialized items like firearms, lower receivers, etc. can take up to 10 business days. During peak shopping seasons and holidays you can expect shipping to take a little bit longer.... Read More>
  • 2/22/2020 - EMP Shield - Written by: Tyler
  • I'm a little late to the party, but EMP Shield is still promoting this on their site so I don't feel bad; EMP Shield was listed by the Department of Homeland Security in their February 2019 EMP Resilience Report. They are the trusted source for EMP protection for your home, solar panels, generators, vehicles, watercraft and other recreational vehicles. Make sure you apply the appropriate coupon code at checkout when you are buying your EMP protection items.... Read More>
  • 2/22/2020 - Billie - Written by: Tyler
  • It looks like someone just added a few new Billie promo codes to our site. I hope they work for you! If they don't please let us know so we can remove them or mark them inactive. Actually, please let us know if they work too and then we can promote them more heavily across our site as Billie is one of our more popular stores. Thanks!... Read More>
  • 2/22/2020 - Jostens - Written by: Tyler
  • Graduation will be here sooner than you think! I know its only February but many schools have graduations as early as late April, so now is the time to get your graduation packages. Jostens new graduate packages make it super easy for you. They get you the right cap and gown, school apparel and announcements so all you have to worry about is not tripping when walking across that stage. You can check out their active graduation packages here. ... Read More>
  • 2/17/2020 - Eaze - Written by: Tyler
  • We got a few questions recently asking if Eaze accepts cash payments only of if you can pay with your credit card. You can definitely pay with credit card on In fact, there is even a lawsuit that was filed late last year by a competitor of Eaze that claimed that Eaze was hiding that the purchases were of marijuana products when people paid with credit card. I guess this is because some credit cards aren't ok with processing payments for marijuana, likely since it is only legal at the state level. But to answer the question, Can you pay with credit card at Eaze? The answer is, yes!

    ... Read More>
  • 2/16/2020 - Travelocity - Written by: Tyler
  • Where do I enter my Travelocity promo code?

    This is a question that we get pretty frequently in our social media channels and via email. Enough that it makes sense to write a quick blog post about it. When you are checking out at you will be able to enter your code just before entering your credit card info. Look for the little blue text 'Enter a coupon or promotion code' (they make it kind of hard to find!) just above the credit card info form field. Click that link and then enter your code in the field that appears. Be sure to hit the apply coupon in order to actually realize your savings.

    ... Read More>
  • 2/15/2020 - Tracfone - Written by: Tyler
  • How to get free minutes for your Tracfone phone

    You can use the codes above for free minutes by either using or by using your phone. Simply find the code that you want to use and add it to your prepaid minutes card when on your account. The free minutes only work when buying other minutes. Its why you often see them called bonus minutes rather than free minutes. Its a buy x get y promotion. As far as we know there aren't any discounts that provide free minutes without buying anything.

    ... Read More>
  • 2/9/2020 - Teleflora - Written by: Tyler
  • We have some really great promo codes for Teleflora at the moment. Valentine's Day is about as big of a day as it gets for an online florist, so Teleflora hasn't disappointed with some great coupon codes, including a 25% off sitewide code that should apply for Valentine's Day flowers and bouquets. Be sure to order before the cutoff date for delivery by 2/14.... Read More>
  • 2/6/2020 - - Written by: Tyler
  • Thomas from The Turmeric Co just sent over a coupon code and some additional information that we wanted to share here.

    The Original

    Our Original Turmeric Shot packs a real punch thanks to a whopping 35g of fresh raw turmeric root used to make each shot. Our highly potent fresh shots have been refined through understanding rigorous clinical research, nutritional testing and performance trials. As a result of our work with the UK’s leading nutritionists and athletes, just one of our shots each day provides:

    Powerful Antioxidants

    Vitamin C and B6

    Bioavailable Raw Turmeric Root

    Source of Magnesium

    Raw Turmeric and Ginger

    Combining two ‘super roots’ in turmeric and ginger makes this a naturally potent shot combination. The heat from the ginger is balanced beautifully by a refreshing blend of Watermelon, Pomegranate, Pineapple and Lemon. And as always, we add Black Pepper to ensure the natural power from our shots is delivered as efficiently as possible. Just one of our shots each day provides:

    Powerful Antioxidants

    Vitamin C and A

    Bioavailable Raw Gingerol Oils

    Bioavailable Raw Turmeric Root

    Source of Potassium

    Raw Turmeric and Beetroot

    This Turmeric Shot fused with Beetroot is a real powerhouse of a shot. Still retaining the 35g of fresh raw turmeric root used to make all of our shots, this blend also includes hemp oil and parsley. This Nitrate rich combination is a little hotter than our other shots while still retaining its freshness. Our highly naturally potent shots have been refined through rigorous clinical research, nutritional testing and performance trials. As a result of our work with the U.K.’s leading nutritionists and athletes, just one of our shots each day provides:

    Excellent source of Nitrate

    Bioavailable Raw Turmeric Root

    Great source of Iron and Vitamin C

    Excellent source of Manganese and Folate

    Raw Turmeric and Coconut

    Our Raw Turmeric and Coconut milk shot is a delicious addition to our range. Providing a source of fatty acids (MCT) with a creamy smooth texture, this indulgent flavour is a delicious yet nutritious shot. Just one each day can provide:

    Source of the antioxidant selenium

    Source of manganese

    A great source of fibre and healthy fats

    A great source of polyphenol antioxidants

    ... Read More>
  • 1/12/2020 - LoveSac - Written by: Tyler
  • You gotta check out the Lovesac sectional couches! They created the world's most flexible sectional couch. Their pieces are designed to be interchangeable so you can mix and match and make the sectional couch look exactly as you want. You can put the lounge on the left, right, middle or even have a big block of a couch with footrest for all upright sitting positions. It truly is flexible. Check out this link for more details. Be sure to use one of our coupons for savings if you end up purchasing!... Read More>
  • 1/11/2020 - Cliq Chair - Written by: Tyler
  • Our first post of the new year! Sorry for being MIA but the holiday shopping period is the busiest time of the year for us. Basically from mid November through Dec 20 its non-stop coupons and deals uploading and curation. And then its break time! But now we are back and I wanted to write about Cliq Products because they are quickly getting to be one of our most popular retailers on I hadn't heard of them before but this bottle sized, portable chair is clearly gaining popularity. It weighs under 4lbs and the chair can be set up in minutes, so its no wonder its popular with parents attending childrens' sporting events and with camping and outdoor enthusiasts. Oh and also beach goers. A small chair that can be set up in seconds and easily carried with everything else that you have to carry sounds like an amazing gift. Be sure to check out the discounts we have available today!... Read More>
  • 11/9/2019 - Rack Room Shoes - Written by: Tyler
  • Check out the coupon page from Rack Room Shoes. Right now you can get an extra 15% off boots and buy one get one 50% off. The best part is that this is valid both in store and online. Click here to get access to these savings, valid this weekend only.... Read More>
  • 10/30/2019 - Banana Republic - Written by: Tyler
  • Banana Republic (and we are assuming all GAP brands) is now offering free in store pickup. In three easy steps you can 1) order your item online where you get better prices and a bigger selection and can use our discounts. 2) choose your local Banana Republic brick and mortar store and 3) head to the store after you receive your confirmation email that your order is ready and pick up your item. It should be a bit faster and cheaper than ordering online and having it delivered to your home. Let us know if you've tried it out and how it works! Read more here... Read More>
  • 10/20/2019 - Straight Talk - Written by: Tyler
  • Now you can get the revolutionary iPhone 11 at Straight Talk. It will only cost you as little as $999 or $50 per month! You can choose from the 11 pro, the 11 XS Max or the 11 Pro Max and customize your plan to get the features and data that you need to make the most out of your new iPhone. But since the 11 just came out, now is also a great time to get a discount on older versions of the iphone. Check out the amazing deals on the X and XR available now at Straight Talk.... Read More>
  • 9/30/2019 - brb Travel - Written by: Tyler
  • BRB Travel is becoming one of the most popular partners on our site. And rightly so! It is an incredible company that connects you with the jet setting vacation of your dreams! The first step towards booking your trip is to fill out your profile. It takes less than a minute and they will use that data to match you with the perfect European getaway. All you have to do is fill out these questions, as listed on their site.

    • What kind of trip do you want to go on?
    • Where do you want to go?
    • Where can you fly from?
    • Want an evening flight?
    ... Read More>
  • 9/23/2019 - Bellacor - Written by: Tyler
  • Bellacor has some great deals on lighting right now. Check out these incredible savings!
    • Up to 77% off Chandeliers
    • Up to 81% off Pendant Lighting
    • Up to 61% off Outdoor Wall Lighting
    • Up to 76% off Bath Lighting
    • Up to 72% off Flush and Semi Flush Lighting
    • Up to 78% off Wall Sconces
    • Up to 59% off Ceiling Fans
    • Up to 65% off Outdoor Post Lighting
    Click here to shop these deals.... Read More>
  • 9/19/2019 - Palmetto State Armory - Written by: Tyler
  • We got a question asking about if Palmetto State Armory offers military discounts the other day and after a bit of research we have determined that the answer is no. Neither active duty nor veterans get discounts at this point at PSA. Be sure to check out their customer service section in case that has changed. We will keep an eye out for it too. In the meantime, check out the offers above!... Read More>
  • 9/14/2019 - Premium Seats USA - Written by: Tyler
  • Premium Seats USA is now promoting Celine Dion VIP Packages for her Courage World Tour. For the last 16 years Celine Dion has had a residency in Las Vegas and is now finally going on tour. With the launch of her new album, Courage, she will be stopping at 50 cities in Canada and the US. The VIP Package includes preferred tickets, VIP hospitality, 3 nights hotel stay, VIP fast access and an event gift back. Once you purchase you will get a detailed itinerary for the perfect Celine Dion focused vacation. Get tickets now! ... Read More>
  • 9/14/2019 - Jessica London - Written by: Tyler
  • For a limited time only, Jessica London is having a Fall-For-All. Yes, the name of the sale may be a little bit corny, but the discounts are no joke. They are calling them 'blockbuster steals' with deals starting at just $19.99. Check out some of these deals!
    • Poplin shirt discounted from $39.99 to $19.99
    • Collarless denim jacket discounted from $79.99 to $34.99
    • Pleated maxim skirt on sale from $99.99 to $19.99
    • Embellished Jeans from $84.99 to $34.99
    • Convertible cardigan priced dropped from $69.99 to $29.99
    Shop the sale here.... Read More>
  • 9/14/2019 - Eaze - Written by: Tyler
  • What time does EAZE stop delivering?

    Thats a great question and one I found the answer to last night. Friday night in SF when its super hot outside and I couldn't relax, so I tried to get my Eaze on. But unfortunately it was 10:35 pm and they don't deliver that late in SF. So I went to their help website and found out their delivery hours, thought it'd be good to share them here so people don't get the same disappointment that I experienced last night. Here is exactly what they say on their site:

    "In almost all delivery territories in California, Eaze accepts orders from 9AM – 10PM, 365 days a year with the exception of Contra Costa, which accepts orders from 2pm - 9pm. In Portland, OR we currently deliver 9AM – 8PM, daily. Some local laws require sales and deliveries to end earlier than 10PM. Please visit and enter your address to see if we are currently open in your area. You can also confirm delivery times in your area by checking out this link. "... Read More>
  • 9/13/2019 - Lucky Tackle Box - Written by: Tyler
  • Check out the XL box from Lucky Tackle. It is their most popular box as it comes with 7 amazing baits per box, brand name products, free shipping and no commitments for just $26.99 per month. You can even choose your species of bait. You can choose from the following:
    • BassXL
    • SaltwaterXL
    • MultiSpecies XL
    • WalleyeXL
    • FlyXL
    You can change your species at any time, depending on what and where you are fishing. Be aware that currently the FlyXL box is sold out.... Read More>
  • 9/8/2019 - Tracfone - Written by: Tyler
  • Samsung brand phones are now on sale at This is their fall sale that lasts through the end of October. You can get discounts such as a free $20 service plan when you buy a Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown, or save $240 on a Samsung Galaxy S7 or save $50 on Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna. You can view all of the fall deals here.... Read More>
  • 9/7/2019 - Cherry Moon Farms - Written by: Tyler
  • Cherry Moon Farms has been rolled up into, also known as Shari's Berries. You can buy the same types of items, chocolate dipped strawberries, fruit baskets and other gifts for special occasions at that you could at Cherry Moon Farms. We have our promo codes here. ... Read More>
  • 9/1/2019 - Outdoor Gear Exchange - Written by: Tyler
  • The Outdoor Gear Exchange is having a labor day sale right now where you can save up to 70% on closeouts. Here are a few of the top categories you can save on at the moment:
    • up to 40% off womens shirts
    • up to 40% off mens shirts
    • up to 40% off tents
    • up to 40% off sleeping bags
    • over 30% off climbing shoes
    • up to 40% off packs
    ... Read More>
  • 9/1/2019 - Eaze - Written by: Tyler
  • Eaze has a section on their homepage called the Eaze picks. It is their favorite products, all in one place. Check out the items they are promoting today:
    • Sour Diesel Lemon Kush for $35
    • California Citrus - 0.5 Gram for $39
    • G Pen Gio Strawberry Banana for $34
    • $40 for Sativa Preroll 14-Pack
    • $8 for Sativa Preroll 2-Pack
    • Ritual DayTime for $36
    ... Read More>