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The Bender Ball is the secret to training your core. Master trainer Leslie Bender developed the Bender Ball to provide an abdominal workout that is quicker and more effective than your standard crunches. Use the Bender Ball promo codes listed below for online savings at Store located at:

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Bender Ball: Bender Ball

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3/6/2013 There aren't any promo codes for Bender Ball available right now. Most of these As seen on TV type workout products typically don't have promotion codes available, but they usually have some sort of deal like buy 2 get one free or free shipping or 3 free gifts with purchase. For some reason doesn't have any of these Also, to clarify on the coupon above. You can buy the Bender Ball video for only $9.99 but that is a VHS. We aren't really sure who uses VHS anymore. It costs $12.99 to get the DVD version of this phenomenal ab workout.