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IntelliGym is a program that teaches athletes skills such as awareness, reading plays, anticipation, decision making, execution and concentration. It has been used by basketball players and hockey players to improve performance by up to 30%. Use the IntelliGym promo codes listed below for online savings and deals at Store located at:

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5/14/2013 I was a basketball player in high school and am definitely intrigued by the IntelliGym for Basketball. It says that just 2 training sessions per week for 30 minutes can see up to 30% improvement in your on court results with just 10-15 training sessions. This is a software program that runs on your PC. I'm not sure how it works and how on screen software can improve on court production, but they have some pretty high profile names behind this technology. I wish we had a free trial coupon that we could use, but we just have a $10 and $15 off coupon.