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Do you love your fish but not have enough time to stop by the pet store? Live Aquaria is an online fish shop, where you can look at the fish up close, learn about their care needs and other interesting information, order and have the fish delivered to your door. Other fish supplies, like tanks and water plants available too. Use the Live Aquaria promo codes listed below for online savings at Store located at:

Current Codes

Live Aquaria: Free Shipping

Get free shipping on your purchases over $225.

No Code Needed

Expires: on-going

Live Aquaria: 5% Rewards

Get 5% rewards points on each order.

No Code Needed

Expires: on-going

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5/2/2013 Since we are no longer affiliated with LiveAquaria, or its parent company, Drs. Foster & Smith, we don't have much in terms of promo codes. All we can offer you is the free shipping that comes standard when you order over $225. Although free shipping doesn't seem like much, it can be quite expensive at Live Acquaria. I was just doing a test purchase to see if a coupon code I found works and added a $70 coral to my cart. The shipping costs alone for $35 for this item. It is because for a live item such as this they have to next day air it to make sure it lasts for their 14 day guarantee. In certain instances, it my be better economically to purchase more items to break that $225 barrier and get the free shipping. Also, we encourage all users to sign up for the Rewards program. With all acquariums, you have to replace fish, plants and coral often. When you are part of their rewards program you can earn 5% back on all purchases good for use on future orders. It can all add up to be a pretty nice return.