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Use a Suja promo code to save on organic, incredibly tasty, healthy juice. Suja's organic juices will help keep your body and mind healthy. They are perfect to use for an ever popular juice cleanse and are great for healthy lifestyles. You can use a Suja discount code to save on juices and packages. Use the Suja promotion codes listed below for online savings at Store located at:

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4/17/2020 Unfortunately due to the current national emergency Suja has had to postpone all product sales online until further notice. Their juices are still available for purchase at Whole Foods, Ralphs, Sprouts, Target, Walmart and Walgreens.

3/5/2013 Suja is the perfect company for those of you looking to do a juice cleanse. They have a pre made 3 day juice cleanse that is perfect for people who don't have time or want to spend the effort and money to juice their own veggies and fruits. We have a new coupon code for Suja that we just added to the site (of course we just added it because we just added this store!) that will help you save 5% on a 20 bottle beginner pack or a 3 day Suja cleanse. Also, you can most likely find this in your local Whole Foods store, but you won't be able to use a promo code!

4/8/2013 Shipping for Suja Juice can be rather expensive. Because these are freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables with no preservatives, they have to be shipped in refrigerated containers very quickly. This can be expensive as you can imagine which means that shipping costs on are expensive. If you want to avoid this, you can find all of the locations to buy Suja here. They are being sold in many Whole Foods across the nation and are expanding their reach every day. The only downside to buying in store is that you don't get to use a coupon for Suja. They currently don't have in store coupons available. Well I guess another downside is that you have to take time to go purchase at the store instead of getting your juice cleanses online.

7/10/2013 I happen to follow Suja on instagram and twitter and noticed that they are now advertising all over NYC. I've seen pictures of advertisements and billboards on prominent buildings in NYC and I think one of them was even in Times Square. This stuff taste's so good that its getting more and more popluar!