Advancements in Home Entertainment are Promoting Healthier Lives

Dancing your way to good health or working out with a virtual personal trainer are both at home fitness options that also happen to be video games. Gone are the days when you need to pack your workout bag and drive to a gym or health club in order to get a good workout. Today you don't even have to leave your house in order to work up a good sweat. When at-home fitness first began, a man named “Jack LaLanne” was your only trainer option. He was referred to as “the godfather of fitness” and had a workout television show that began airing in 1951. The show continued for 30 years. “Richard Simmons” became the next workout guru during the 1970's when he was spurred on by his weight loss of more than 100 pounds. He wanted to help other people try to become healthier too so he opened a fitness center and soon had an exercise TV show of his own. He also produced many workout videos which were popular due to his peppy personality and his ability to help motivate people. He enjoyed “Sweatin' to the Oldies.” The 1980's brought “Jane Fonda” to the workout revolution as well as fashion fitness. Gorgeous leotards and funky leg warmers were worn by many female fitness enthusiasts at this point in time. The introduction of Fonda's first aerobic workout video in 1982 as well as the ability to have a VCR in your own house helped to really spur on the home fitness movement. “Denise Austin” was the next popular fitness expert who began by co-hosting the “Jack LaLanne” show in 1981. She soon had her own TV show and was featured on the “Today Show” on NBC as a fitness expert. She has since produced many home workout videos and still continues to do so today.
The home exercise world is currently filled with many different fitness options. Kickboxing, kettlebell and Pilates are just a few of the wonderful workout possibilities you can now do in your own home. Even reality shows such as “The Biggest Loser” and “Dancing With the Stars” have produced their own workout videos aimed at the home fitness buff. You can choose to buy workout DVD's, digitally download workouts to your computer or even use live streamlines on your computer. YouTube is a great way to find workouts from newer instructors to help get you fit. The three largest video game companies are all offering new types of gaming systems as well as many workout games to help you reach your fitness goals while also making it fun. “Dance Dance Revolution” (with its cool dance mats) and “Zumba” are just two examples of popular dance home exercise options that really get your body moving. The “Wii Fit Plus” by Nintendo helps you perform body tests (such as balance), allows you to set your own fitness goals and offers different training choices (such as yoga, strength training and aerobics). Nintendo has a Wii balance board which is used along with games such as “Wii Fit Plus”in order to enhance your experience and workout. The X-Box 360 Kinect video game system allows you to do everything without needing to hold onto a controller. Your entire body is the controller. The “Nike + Kinect Training” game provides you with your own at-home personal trainer. Finally with the Playstation Move your movements allow you to control your experience such as with the “Everybody Dance” game. Due to advancements in technology at home fitness has never been easier or more fun.
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