Assorted & Themed Clip Art Resources

Let’s face it, not all of us have the most amazing artistic talents. However, we still always need images to help illustrate everything from projects, assignments, reports, and websites, to presentations. Since so many people are in need of images, there is actually a solution: clip art! Clip art are small illustrations that can be inserted into a document. While some artists require payment for their images, there are also countless others who make their illustrations free for public use. Even though it is free, it is still considered a general courtesy to give the artist a credit alongside the image, if the artist’s name is available. An example would be, “Image by John Smith”, with perhaps a link to their website. The resources below offer free images for non-commercial use.

Themed Clip Art

Find alphabetically-sorted clip art collections for all subjects.

Clip Art by Students

All of the clip art here is created by K-12 students for use by other school students.

Backgrounds and Clip Art

Use this resource list to find clip art collections from various sources.

Computer Icons

Find a variety of old-style computer icons here.

Icons and Images

Most of the clip art here is helpful for use in websites and online presentations.

Religious Clip Art

These clip art resources will be helpful for Sunday school projects and other religious-themed assignments.

Assorted Clip Art

This enormous database of clip art features themed collections of illustrations in many different styles.

Alaska Clip Art

This unique collection contains numerous illustrations of Alaskan life and culture.

DK Clip Art

Dorling Kindersley, the award-winning publishers of educational books, have a large online clip art database with excellent quality images.

Biology Clip Art

Use the images in this collection for projects on health and the human body.

Cartoon Characters and More

This small collection includes popular cartoon characters, along with a selection of buttons, banners, and bullets.

JAC Clip Art Archive

Sort through a number of different clip art themes, from animals to technology.

Hazardous Waste Materials

Use these smart icons for a project about home safety and hazardous waste.

Public Domain Images

These beautiful ink sketches are public domain images from a long time ago. They include antique technology and machines, animals, and more.

Recycling Clip Art

Try out these recycling images in a project on pollution and eco-friendly methods.

Watershed Clip Art

For an assignment on watersheds and related natural habitats, have a look at these fun, quirky images.

Paris Clip Art

Perk up a French class project with some nostalgic pictures of Paris and France.

Back to School Clip Art

Students can use these colorful graphics for free with an artist credit line.

Colorful Clip Art

The clip art in this collection is mostly in a colorful, cartoon style.

Animated Clip Art

These animated creations can easily be used in student websites or presentations.

School Icons

These cute icons and graphics are free to use with a link back to the site.

Air Force Clip Art

In this online bank of images, students will find illustrations of different airplanes and satellites.

Water Safety

Brush up on water safety techniques and tools with these helpful icons.

Recycling and Waste Prevention

Illustrate projects cutting down waste with an in-depth selection of images from composting to recycling.

Water Resources

These images focus on themes of water habitat conservation and reducing water usage.

Wildlife Line Drawings

The government’s Fish and Wildlife Service has a large number of realistic black and white line drawings of various birds and animals available for students online.

Holiday Clip Art

Get festive with these special holiday-themed images including Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and several more.

NASA Images

NASA uses high-tech equipment to capture stunning images of outer space, and they make a lot of it free for use!

Conservation Clip Art

Add some punch to your projects with a host of lively characters and animals.

Halloween Clip Art

There are pumpkins, ghouls, witches and spiders galore on this page of creepy clip art.

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