A Guide to the Importance of Keyboarding & Keyboarding Resources

Computer skills and typing skills have become increasingly important to many in their ever day lives, students included. If you know how to use the computer efficiently, it becomes easier to get things done quickly. This includes knowing how to use software programs and hardware devices. Both enable users to finish tasks on the computer, such as homework assignments, chapter quizzes, and essays. If you know how to use the computer you can also take advantage of using software programs and their hardware devices to have fun.

Computer Keyboards & Mice

Using a computer involves more than pushing in the power button and waiting for it to boot. It requires you to use a computer mouse and/or keyboard to navigate the screen, or interface. A computer mouse is a hand-held device that helps control the cursor on a computer screen. A keyboard is a tool with a series of buttons (A-Z, 0-9, and special symbols) that a user pushes to input commands into a computer. Both of these devices are needed to accomplish tasks in an effective and timely manner.

Keyboarding Basics

Keyboards may seem confusing and challenging at first; especially for beginners, who have not become acquainted with a keyboard's layout. The QWERTY keyboard, one of the most widely used devices, does not have an alphabetical layout. This makes it very hard to locate the next letter to type, causing beginners to type with one or two fingers. Unfortunately, typing with only one or two fingers takes a long time to complete a task. As a result, you may seek out the help of a keyboarding teacher, who will introduce you to all kinds of quirky techniques and tips that will transform you into a typing pro.

Why Do I Need to Better My Typing Skills

You need to learn how to type faster in order to complete your assignments on time. This requires proper training, technique, and practice. If you fail to learn how to type faster, then it means you will be losing valuable time and effort in completing simple tasks. Therefore, it becomes vitally important to master the keyboard. With enough patience and practice, you will excel and become the King or Queen of the Keys.

Keyboard Navigation

Sometimes the computer mouse dies, leaving you with nothing more than a keyboard to navigate through the computer's menu. On days like those, you will definitely want to know about important keyboard shortcuts and hot-keys. These advanced concepts only arrive once you surpass a level of accuracy and speed.

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Use the following resources to learn basic, intermediate, and advanced keyboarding skills to sail through Middle School and into High School with flying colors: